Living in the Moment

But beyond what's being left behind, and where it's all going there's the immediacy of the journey — the getting there. And if the move is experienced for everything that it is, the shedding of old habits, the embracing of the excitement and fear associated with something new, then that's when the move is theraputic.

Our lives are so easily masked by the day to day routines of work, responsibility, and fatigue. Our culture so readily finds vices to lubricate the feelings of that day to day grind: television, over eating, alcohol and drugs, even exercise fanatics. A vice doesn't have to be physically bad for you to be something that's masking your ability to be in the moment, to feel the emotions of being an egaged human being.

Very few incentives exist in our society to promote feeling and being in the moment. Everything seems to be designed to bring us out of our selves. There are drugs and physical programs to relieve our back pains, reduce our weight, and stop our children from being hyperactive. What if…OK I hesitate…what if we all took a moment to look inside and ask ourselves if there was anything WE could do about our state of being? When was the last time you made a point to get a good night sleep…without a glass of alcohol or a sleep aid? When was the last time you woke up without a cup of coffee? When was the last time you asked if you were giving your child the attention s/he was craving? When was the last time you made a point to make time for your self in your daily schedule: in between dry cleaning, nine hours at the office, laundry, and warming frozen foods for dinner?

 What if we all slowed down…just a little bit? What if taking an hour every day to reconnect with ourselves was as important as having a new iPod? What if taking the time each week to build strong relationships with our family members, and our neighbors was as important as carving out that hour each week to watch Grey's Anatomy?

I think there would be a lot of pharmaceutical companies, and over the counter self help medication companies going out of business. And I think we'd all be a little bit more connected…a little bit happier.



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