The Matrix

Look at satellite images of the earth at night. Look at the status of human-exacerbated climate-change. I won't go so far as to say global warming after reading some recent article about geologically-time-significant climate change trends, which is a rant for another time.

Look at our world and is it any wonder that the writers of the Matrix came up with the story line that they did. The science fiction, machines with their AI taking over aside, think about the all the good we as a species have been doing to the planet in the name of technological, historical, and human progress. Let's see…we've poluted our land, our oceansm and our air. We've distrupted entire eco-systems, killed off countless species, displaced countless others, and pushed our world to the brink of collapse ecological collapse.

And then there's what we've done to each other as a species. It's a miracle, or a testament to exactly how much of scourge we are to this world, that we haven't killed ourselves off. There's that hard-wired essence of human nature to establish lines between us and them. Christian / Muslim. Catholic / Prodestant.  Black / White. Vegan / Meat Eater. Red Sox fan / Yankees fan. We find reasons to define ourselves as being different in everything. How can this tendancy NOT cause conflict?

And then we blind ourselves into thinking we are protecting…something. I mean, what the hell are we protecting? After a hundred years no one reading this will be around anyway. Is it all in an effort to make ourselves feel relevant? Isn't that what religion and spirituality is for? Oh wait…but you need to be following the right religion or spiritual credo to understand me.

 So with all of this in mind I've seen a number of viatas before me lately rangin from birds-eye views of cities at night, to silhouettes of hillsides at dusk and become very…sad. I can't go so far as saying I've been depressed, that connotes too much heaviness and severity, but I've definitely been sad, in that "what the hell is it all about" kind of way.

It doesn't help that my wife just lost her aunt a couple of days ago — a beautiful specimen of selflessness, joy, intellect and inspriation. A longtime triathlete she ran a long race against cancer that eventually outran her. And you look at a woman like this, who touched so many people, who was caring, compassionate, thoughtful, so concerned about not harming others, or the environment, or animals, or feelings, of truly not leaving behind a footprint, that you see what kind of a mark she truly left on people's souls, and you wonder how jack asses like Donald Trump (just as an example, not in the veign of any specific attack) lope through this world in the halo of what we deem success.

Maybe it's not him, and it's not her, but it's us. Maybe it's western society. There's so much emphasis on wealth. But where does that wealth get you? How many truly wealthy people attained all of their money through just and moral means? That is not a rhetorical question. I don't believe anyone with excessive wealth can possibly have made that money honestly, but I'm also honest enough with myself to know that's a personal bias based on no form of fact.

But our society is made up of the individual. How can all of these individuals who are clamoring for attention create this environment where something as impersonal as wealth is so revered? Or is that part of a path of least resistance mentality. It's hard to be good, and moral, and just, like an MLK or Ghandi, but it's easy to make money — even easier if you cheat.

And through it all, we continue to propogate, and litter this world with more and more consumers, each of whom adds to the accelerating demise of our world.

OK, it can't be that bad, but what the hell can we do to stem the tide?

I'll think of some ideas for the next rant.


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