Close Friend

I love you extremely…
like a brother, he said;
something I let sit with me
for more than a moment

where I remembered years
past that were filled
with laughs and philosophical
ramblings that can only spout

from adolescent minds. Self-
important meanderings looking
for my self, shared with
someone who saw the same

shades of gray that I did.
Those shades of gray
so important to separating
close friends from

close acquaintances. And he
was a close friend –
one that went the way of so many
friends — drawn apart

by adolescent meanderings
drawn off to college, into adulthood,
through relationships, and jobs,
and continued searching for

a true self, and twenty years later
I remembered…or maybe I began
to miss…that closeness of someone
who saw the same shades of gray.

And instead of lamenting the years
lost to mindless (or mindful (?)) self
important searching, I revel in again
calling this person a close friend.

for Arthur



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