Your own merits

Imagine living, working, and playing in a true meritocracy, where promotions and acolades were dispensed solely because of your actions. Imagine not having to kiss someone's ass. Imagine not having to politic in the silliest of places. Imagine not being able to just put your head down, do the best job you can, and being rewarded accordingly.

That's not such a great prospect for a lot of us. We're not all experts. We're not all the best in our fields. We're not all stellar at the things we want to do, or like to do.

The foundations of meritocracy definitely exist within our capiltalist, social democracy. Most of the time the essence of meritocracy leeks through. There are great intentions, starting with our educational paradigm. The essence of it is great. Do this, and get that grade. Do less and you fail. On paper it makes total sense.

But people are involved, and just like the best laid theology, people muck up everything. We don't exist in a vacuum, and starting a

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