First Kiss-the essence of soul

blushing cheeks recedes hers.   A thickened silence interjects
the loquacious beating of two poised hearts, lusting
clairvoyance coupled with anticipation as her breasts rise and
fall with each new breath she takes in: the turbulent flight of
youthful butterflies.  His fingertip delicately traces her partially
opened lips as her silent exhales sparse a warm and invoking
arrogance. Wandering eyes etch out rounding curves to
where lips meet at the corners of the mouth, and down over
the chin, across elongated body to tiny resting toes-mind
instinctively searches for the sweet sensations of taste and
smell.  The fullness of her lips, the scent of summer daisies
canvases her throat and drenches ear lobes; alludes to the
innocence of a forgotten childhood. Gating through the
glistening dew of sun stricken fields collapsing to
his back to rest for a while to wish this freedom, this enveloping
happiness and warmth in spirit may never meet a stray
cumulus intruding upon the birth of a new day. Callous
fingertip traces the simplistic enigma fantasizing the ritual of
first kiss, his lips quiver arrogantly, succumbs to the
conscious provoking of boyish daydreams challenged by the
subtle audacity of roving eyes and curious fingers: He yearns
to share the single breath of soul joining body, in just one
kiss.  He draws her close. Chests tighten lungs expand.  They
breathe in unison, eyes adjacent, lips still.  Her fading breath
exasperates calming impatience. she closes her eyes; he
takes a deep breath.  Her motionless countenance elevated
by titled chin, now taught, the loquacious beating of two
hearts slows.  And for the first time in his life, he understands
the essence of soul.  Though not knowing what it feels like to
have kissed her, yet……



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