For the past six weeks I have been finishing one short, experimental documentary film, Life at Five, and began work on a new documentary film tentatively called "Virtually Real." The new project is investigating the merging of the growing virtual universe with our "real" world, and examining the blurring between what is real, and what is not. Is an avatar, a pixel representation of a self, any less real than a voice coming over a telephone? Some scientific studies claim it's just as real, if not more so, as the human body experiences the same endorphine rush when it sees an avatar smile in its direction as when it sees solid, tangible biomass of a human do the same thing. Then coming from the background that I have, seeing how the word "avatar" is being used in this space is quite curious given the original use of the word.

There are so many things to explore in this new endeavor that my hardest task at this stage is focusing on one.

But here I am, compelled to return to the Spoon, since in my quest to begin this newest project, and complete the previous, I realized that the Spoon has been the ultimate breeding ground for where I want to take…me. I see that my past and my present have been about the examination of how people get along, or don't get along, and why that is. What is it about us that makes us want to stand up and cry out "here I am!" As Seth Roberts, a psychology professor at Berekeley, pointed out, it's what humans do; we want to be noticed. Hence things like blogging, or online magainzes like the Spoon.

Regardless, even though the merging of the virtual and real worlds is happening, and will have great cultural impacts, as Seth put it, "it's nothing new."

And though what I'm doing tonight is nothing new, I'm back here doing it because what I've started is novel, at least for me, right now, and I want others to notice what I'm doing; it's important to me.

 What's important to you?

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