Forget Inflation

I don't mean to propose that those in poverty be doomed and destined to remain impoverished, but what if the Capitalist quest of ever-expanding growth suddenly became passe?

In the August 17, 2007 posting on ( Ben S. Bernanke is quoted as saying "while recent reports indicate economic growth continues at a 'moderate pace,' risks to the expansion have risen 'appreciably.'"

Why does economic growth have to exist at all? No one has ever answered this question for me. Particularly when the ratio of rich to poor continues to grow in favor of the rich, why is it that economic expansion is needed. All it's doing is making the rich richer. And don't give me the Reganomic-trickle-down-theory bullshit. The gap between the rich and poor is growing despite such attempts.

Maybe it's time for spending caps in corporate sectors the same way that Major League Football uses. Those spending caps haven't hurt their profitability, has it. It's made them more creative in finding ways to "expand" their influence, to "grow" their organizations, to line their already lined pockets with more money.

What's frustrating is that staking a position like this I'll come across as some bleeding-heart liberal, but I'm the ultimate moderate. I just don't understand why peope need so much.


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