Reflection on the past nine months

So I start this project, Virtually Real, and think that I'm going to have some interesting, but not necessarily groundbreaking documentary film about where 3D immersive spaces, or virtual worlds are taking society. I had no idea that my research and interviews for the film would lead to a book project, and a refined way of looking at the world.

I always ascribed to the view that nothing exists in a vaccum, and that everything is related to everything else. I was surprised, however, that my research would start proving this point. Virtually Real is not just about technology, it's about how technology relates to society and culture.

It also means that the next project I want to start after this, about sustainable agriculture, is really not such a change of streams.

Details to come.

It's now time to head off and do an interview on BlogTalkRadio with Steve White of Cultural Consience!

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