I went to my 20th college reunion this weekend at Cornell University. OK. Yes, I could have just said "college" and left it at that, but you go to college and you have pride in the institution you attended, and from what I've found to be a stereotypically East Coast kind of ethos, flaunt what is called educational capital when you can. Educational Capital is a kind of social currency that you can use in cocktail conversation or in many interpersonal dynamics. Think of the haughty Harvard grad saying through a lock-jaw "I went to Hah-vahd." Then think of all of the variations of either pride or modesty in regards to the schooling you have…or don't have. Pride can also well from an accomplished life without an education. It all depends on your personality.


The kids only have two weeks left in school — really less than that. Friday next week is their last day. That's great for them — they're all psyched up — and I am too, since a new phase starts soon thereafter. We don't have the same summer camp scenario set up for them this year as we did last, but they are both swimming on the recreational swim team, which has practices every day. That'll help with my time. From 9 AM until 12:30 PM every day they'll be occupied with swim team so I can crank on the post-production for Virtually Real