Thursday mornings I am the crossing guard / traffic cop for our elementary school. You see in our area of California we have what they’ve coined “community schools.” At community schools there are no busses; everyone is supposed to live close enough to be able to walk, which is a good thing, but most people end up driving their cars to drop off their kids. There are five of us who share the duty, and Thursday just happens to be the day that I do it.

It’s funny. You get to observe the different patterns that people innevitably establish for themsevles. There are those

So THAT’S What I’ve Been Doing…


Bent Spoon has been a great outlet over the past couple of years, but a fragmented outlet. I’ve come to realize in the last couple of weeks — due to a few related and unrelated circumstances — that Bent Spoon has a focus, and one that I need to refine.

Putting it in Perspective

I had a very idyllic childhood. I thought that as a child, and think that now as I reflect upon how my parents raised me in rfespect to how I'm trying to raise my children. This, oddly enough, is causing some conflict.

That’s Not My Mess

From CNBC.com: "Indeed, the housing recession is single-handedly responsible for sending the credit markets into crisis following an unprecedented run up in home prices between 2001 and 2005."

Really? What about the consumers, and the financial institutions, and the (lack of) regulators that lead to the conditions predicating the "housing recession."