Putting it in Perspective

What good is any reflection without finding some sliver of conflict? That's not really a rhetorical question since I have many memories that are conflict free. What I'm really trying to say is why would you want to read anything more if I didn't mention that there was some conflict that needed resolution?

Conflict aids dramatic movement, which makes things more compelling to read. That's just how humans operate. Writers and philosophers have written about this for centuries. One of the most steadfast examples of this in literary circles is the 18th century writing of Edmund Burke who defined the Burkian Sublime: the basic reason why we slow down and gauk at a car crash.

That wasn't a total digression, or unrelated tangent. In looking back on my childhood I look ahead to how I want to raise my two boys and I wonder how I can get there. How can I begin to create the same memories, and security that I experienced as a child?

I'm not concerned about my abiliities to recreate many of the experiences I had as a child. What concerns me is the environment in which I'm trying to recreate that happiness, bliss, and innocence. Yes, innocence.

Kids are not innocent today. While overwhelmed by distractions from ubiquitous media exposure, through this media exposure kids are exposed to moire and more mature content, which continually dissolves their ability to be innocent.

What erodes this foundation of innocence even further is the rapidly shifting norm of what age-specific innocence is. An innocent ten year-old boy 25 years ago was endearing; today he is a sap in both the eyes of his peers and many of his peers' parents.

I want to have my kids hold on to their innocence, but not for too long because remaining so for too long I fear will hamper them socially, and leave them open to be emotionally shredded. That's right, not just hurt, but shredded.

So what is the metaphorical car crash in this scenario? Sadly, it is the youth of our children.

Youth has been trashed. It's carnage and carcass still lies before is, the vestages of it strewn through our society and culture. We remember it far too well, but it is ripped asunder in even the most unlikely of places like the Disney Channel.

How long will this continue? Will backlash ever occur?

Let's hope so.


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