So THAT’S What I’ve Been Doing…

The focus is on childhood and parenting. Of course that’s been the unconscious focus for me over the past three years since my primary role in our house has been as caregiver to our two boys. Now that the youngest is in first grade I’ve noticed that I’m regaining a few of those synapses that inevitably whither or lie dormant from lack of use, or as a defense mechanism.

Bent Spoon: as online magazine focusing on child and parenthood.

“You should narrow that focus” you might add. True. Maybe I should, but I’m leaving things open for those who are not currently parents, but who may have distinct opinions on child rearing due to their own experiences, to feel free to contribute through both the new and improved comments feature, and through submissions I will post.

Like so many things in our adult world, parenting is hard when you try to do it well. Notice I did not say “right.” What is right? Everyone has a different idea of what is correct. I’m not going to try to judge that, though I do have opinions, and those will inveritably leak out onto these pages.


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