Innocent Intamacy

My sons were invited to a brithday party this weekend. Pretty standard fare, but this one was a little more special. I’m sure there are many of you with children where there is that one neighborhood kid, or one of your children’s friends who is a little more special than the other kids: one you look out for a little more than the other kids. Playing favorites? Hell yeah. It’s one of the prerogatives of parenthood, when you’re looking out for what kids are hanging out with your kids. Positive influences and all that.

Long Leash Gone Wrong

We were on our bikes again, and I was letting my oldest ride out ahead of me. It’s a great feeling to watch him spread those metaphorical wings, and feel as if he has control over his world while knowing I’m 100 feet behind him in case anything goes wrong. The traveling safety net. This time, however, the safety net did not get deployed quickly enough.

Biking Home from School

Yesterday as the two boys and I rode our bikes home from their elementary school the two boys darted off away from me. I gave a half-hearted chase, but we were already back in our neighborhood and let them ride ahead; it’s part of the ever-lengthening leash I’m giving them, hoping they feel some autonomy in this age of not letting your kids leave the front yard. As they rounded the corner 100 yards ahead of me I heard the oldest start to scream.