There’s a different fallout from the increasingly larger body of activities we impose upon our children. Did I say impose? Yes. And I meant it. How many children do you know who desperately crave to be in at least one team sport every season of the year, on top of music lessons, social organizations like Boy Scouts? And yet there we are, the attentive parents, constantly asking our children what activity they want us to sign them up for. But how often do we give them the option to sign up for nothing?

Atop of the over-committed child the fallout is frayed nerves of parents: both those who race to get their children to these activities, and the parents who volunteer and actually make these activities happen.

How much is too much?

I’ve got a problem. I was raised to believe that we are supposed to be responsible for our own actions, and that the responsibility also included making good choices. After all, outside of our opposable thumbs the human ability to be sentient, to think of consequences BEFORE making a choice is supposed to be one of the elements that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

So when the news breaks about the single mother who went to a fertility clinic to have just one more girl, and ended up coming out with octuplets, I cringe at how everyone thinks it’s just so wonderful.

I’ve witnessed the birth of my two boys, and it was the most amazing experience. Thankfully, however, some critics have started to surface questioning why a single mother with six children would even consider having more children, even if it was an

Balancing Personalities

When is it a good time to thrust independence upon our children? Any parent knows this question is inflammatory, and misplaced. After all, except for extreme and tragic circumstances, independence never is thrust upon a child; it’s something we slowly imbue upon them.

From television programming to video games I can’t help but think that many of the insidious elements of our society create hypocrisies and conflicts in how we want to raise our children…