Better Citizens

Volunteering at an elementary school provides an interesting platform from which to watch people on a daily basis. This kind of voyeurism can be entertaining, but it can also be eye opening. A simple duty like assisting the traffic flow of parents dropping off their children in the morning at the school’s traffic circle show people at their best, and their worst.

What is your definition of success?

Recently, I was listening in on a conversation between a group of men who were talking about their lives. I gathered from the conversation, that they were social friends, that they knew each other, but that they were not lifelong friends. One of the men was over-confidently chastising another for apparently not achieving much in his career, not because of that man

I wonder what it’s like when you die.

Tanner talked about death yesterday.

Big thing coming from a nine year-old. Death. But how he spoke about it spoke as much about his heart as it did the mind of a nine year-old. His first comment, or question, I really don’t know what it was, was