Vignette of the Day: August 28, 2009

Yesterday, my oldest had arranged to go to see the new X Games, the Movie, in 3D. I’ve been busy with work, and with cleaning the house since we found lice on his head three days ago. If your child has never had lice, removing them from his or her head is the least of your problems. The hassle is having to clean the bead sheets


Masochist. That’s what she called me. Oddly enough, the candor, and precision with which she had placed that label on me, for the first time in a long time, stung. And we all know why and when labels sting: when they’re true.

Growing together

For the past two weeks I had been working on writing something clever and insightful about how different it is to interact with my children now that they’re older. Yes, I said

Paradoxes in Parenting

There are days when I wonder if I have my head a mile up my keister. I worry so damned much about the welfare of my kids, about not simply the lessons that I’m trying to teach them, but how I’m imparting those lessons. And then I worry about all of the external influences, and where we live, and how we live.

I worry. And now I’m starting to think that I worry too much.