Not like me…

I have these manly moments where I plant my stake in the ground, pee on trees, and generally find ways to mark my mental, physical, and emotional territory. You’ve seen them. You’ve read them. Those emphatic, powerful moments of declaration, stating what I’ve found to be true and right and just. Stating that more people, more parents, should be more engaged with the their kids. Really, I’m stating that more parents should be like me.

Funny the little moments that make realizations like these coalesce. Tonight it was a PTA meeting.

This moment has been on the horizon for a while. Oddly, I was never nervous about running my first PTA meeting as the official PTA president for our elementary school for 2009-2010.

Arrogance? Possibly.


Vignette of the Day: September 7, 2009

An interesting conversation came about at our dinner table tonight. Homosexuality.

The conversation didn’t delve into the specifics of it, but more danced around its semantics. And it’s not like my wife and I just decided that this was a great topic of conversation at the dinner table with our seven and nine year-old sons. One set of our neighbors is a gay couple, and something happened today that lead to my wife commenting during dinner,