Our time

My wife started a recent conversation with a phrase that I know far too well. It’s a phrase that I use very often in my own internal monologues, but something that

Charlie Horse

We’re sitting at dinner the other night with our two boys and the boys’ grandparents, my in-laws. We were out to dinner, something our youngest doesn’t like to do. He’s a total home body. When given the choice between staying at home — even to clean his room — and anything that involves going to a place he’s never been before, he’ll always choose staying at home.

We convinced him to go out this night — well, we actually gave him no choice telling him that this is what he was doing — but once he tasted the all-you-can-eat pasta bar, he knew that his family had not steered him wrong.

New views

I disappointed my son tonight. This is not a new occurrence; it’s just that this one was a little more eye opening than others. Well, maybe not eye opening as much as an instance that brought me pause.

We were playing a friendly game of

The next challenge

All bets are off once boys and girls cross that elementary school threshold from being boys and girls to potential objects of desire, for whatever that means in elementary school. As a parent you know this day is coming, but the how and when to deal with it always seems so unreal until the day comes when your son or daughter comes home with the story that they like someone.

My oldest is not necessarily innocent, but he’s typical of many ten year old boys who are more interest in hanging out with his friends who are boys, being goofy, and generally acting in ways that