Can A Peach Make A Difference?

Boca Raton, FL, August 23, 2010

I have a jogging route that takes me through the back of a shopping mall where deliveries are made, onto a busy highway, and through what used to be a Cancer Center, but is now an empty building since the Cancer Center moved to Miami.

My routine is to stop and stretch at benches in front of the Center, as this usually is the end of my jog. The past few weeks I have come upon homeless people sitting on the benches. First it was a man. We exchanged pleasantries. He grew up in New Hampshire and recognized my New England accent.

Today I came upon a man and a woman sitting on the ground because the benches had been removed. The day the benches disappeared I was puzzled, but then realized the owners of the building must be trying to discourage the homeless from making this walkway into a shelter.


We’re stepping into a new era in our house: one that incorporates routine. I’ve always recognized that children thrive on routine. For the brief spurts that I’ve been able to impose and maintain order in this house, it’s almost always been because I’ve adhered to some form of routine.

Oddly enough, having kids has forced me to follow more routine than at any other time in my life. If it wasn’t for my time in school (including through college), who knows how fractured my behavior could have been. Instead of having ten concurrent projects in my parents garage I could have had 30, but that’s another story.