Missed Opportunity

I ran into a friend tonight in front of the grocery store. He looked sad. Maybe he was just tired, saying, as he had, that he had just returned home from an all day seminar in San Jose, an hour

Alter Ego

With one son already stepping over the threshold into tweendom, and seeing the conflicts that this has created with him

No More Than Two Hours

A while ago I had done some writing and research on technology: specifically the new stuff that was coming onto the scene at the time like large Massive Muliplayer Online Games. My interest with technology, however, has always hinged on how all of this digital stuff was going to effect us is ways other than increasing our productivity.

I try to keep my eyes and ears open to new writings, studies and findings. One book I’ve been reading recently, Failure to Connect by Jane M. Healy, was actually written back in 1999, but the basics of it are as poignant today as they were twelve years ago. The author basically says that just because a digital technology is revolutionary doesn’t mean it is going to be any better at helping us teach children educationally. In many cases, actually, over use of digital tools and games leads to unintended consequences of uncoordinated children with limited attention spans.