The Kitty is OK

mooseySomeone asked me a few unanswered questions about the recent post: Stuff Theory. First and foremost was, “What happened to the cat?”

The kitty – Moose – ended up just fine. He looked in much worse shape than he ended up being; he couldn’t lift himself up by his hind legs, but he was purring, and purring. Two days in the veterinarian ICU, and $1200 later he was wobbly walking around on all four paws, eating, drinking, and doing all the other things a mammal is supposed to do.

One of the other questions was if there was any singing during my alcohol fueled tear. For anyone who knows me from college, you know this was a rhetorical question (I sang a capella with a dozen guys through all except for one of my semesters in college). For anyone who knows singing, you know this was a rhetorical question, but also know that the singing would have been, and was terribly off-key.

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