What defines success in education?

Education reform is doing better than people think, but, conversely, will never ultimately be successful as long as we continue following the current reform paths.

No one will argue that whatever path you are on in the quest for effective education reform that it is complicated. And the person who claims education reform is simple, that it there is a silver bullet that will solve all of the problems, is either terribly naïve, terribly arrogant, or both.

That education reform is complicated is, unfortunately a product of our living in a capitalist centered democracy. The struggles mirror the political and social struggles of our country, the struggle between federalism and state’s rights, the struggles between religious studies and secular studies, the struggles between the haves and have-nots.

This struggle has been going on within the United States since its birth, but the motivation of the struggle has changed over the years. Today, the struggle is as much about the United States retaining its position as the dominant player in global politics and economics as it is about the betterment of the next generation of students.

So the question must become, “what defines success in education?”

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