Parenting out of Fear

How often have you considered how fear drives your parenting?

This isn’t an indictment of anyone, or any type of parenting style. It’s an intellectual exercise. OK. I’m lying a little bit. I’m fairly certain that if any of you reading this truly reflects upon this question, you will realize how much fear drives so many of our parenting decisions.

Think about it this way. Who here knows what’s going to happen in the future?


And how many remember basic psychology classes in college, or have read something by their favorite author, or columnist where that defines and details how humans usually fear the unknown. And that fear of the unknown often turns into irrational decisions.

So I ask again, how often have you considered how fear drives your parenting?


Rarely until just recently, and then I went down that path of questioning the future and that’s when it dawned on me. Despite prescribed paths to success, none of those paths are guarantees to the future success of our children. How can we NOT be making many of these decisions out of fear? We all want our children to do better than us, and yet, there are no guarantees. How frightening is that?

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