Grades Don’t Matter

Ever since our oldest was in 4th grade I’ve told him that I’ve never cared about his grades; I care about how hard he is trying. If he’s trying his hardest, and getting good guidance from both his teachers and from me as to how to apply that effort – again with the parent, teacher partnership I find to…

Best Intentions

Hundreds of people with good intentions are putting forth their efforts into what is known as education reform. The disappointing irony is how often good intentions can result in destructive unintended consequences. A February 4, 2013 post by Jeff Bryant on the National Education Policy Center website examines a couple of different possible unintended consequences,…

Define Education Reform

So what is this education reform of which you speak?

It’s a great buzz word, isn’t it? And some people have been great at leveraging it to advance their causes. And when tied to the phrase, “for the children,” arguments become Teflon.

That combination in a hypothetical scenario — ” when I work towards education reform,

Putting in the Time

Like Harry Potter getting his friend Ron to think that a dram of Felix Felicitas was in his morning pumpkin juice, I knowingly planted a fictitious notion (one loosely based on an unrelated fact) into my son’s head tonight. My oldest has a heck of a time memorizing things: somewhat because of his methods, somewhat because he thinks he should basically have a photographic memory.

This generation of kids — a gross generalization that includes my own — has a crazy notion that they should be experts at any given task on the first try. This must be one of the consequences of the Internet savvy, video-game crazy, look-what-I-can-do-can-I-have-my-trophy-now generation. That tangent is for another post, though.