Calm Before the Storm

For almost two years bent spoon has been on a sort of hiatus. Even with moving from Northern California to the great state of Minnesota – something that I was convinced would create much more consternation among the boys than it did – there has not been much to talk about. Bent spoon first started…

Stuff Theory

A very close friend of mine once came up with something called Stuff Theory: something to do with there only being so much stuff in the world, a kind of twist on the theory that there is only so much matter in the universe, that it can be neither created nor destroyed. The difference with the Stuff Theory is that it also applied to the metaphysical and abstract: like thoughts and emotions, behaviors and pathologies.

I know I

Life in the Way

I’m always disappointed when life gets in the way of something like writing on bent spoon, though life getting in the way is not such a bad thing some times either. If life is getting in the way of the rambling musings of one man, attempting to make sense of what it is to be a father of two young boys in this crazy world, then it means that I’m at least fully steeped in living each day.

The past month (it’s almost been that long since I’ve posted though I did squeak something online last week) has brought highs and lows, and a lot of things in between, which is what life does, right?