Vignette of the Day: September 7, 2009

An interesting conversation came about at our dinner table tonight. Homosexuality.

The conversation didn’t delve into the specifics of it, but more danced around its semantics. And it’s not like my wife and I just decided that this was a great topic of conversation at the dinner table with our seven and nine year-old sons. One set of our neighbors is a gay couple, and something happened today that lead to my wife commenting during dinner,

Vignette of the Day: August 28, 2009

Yesterday, my oldest had arranged to go to see the new X Games, the Movie, in 3D. I’ve been busy with work, and with cleaning the house since we found lice on his head three days ago. If your child has never had lice, removing them from his or her head is the least of your problems. The hassle is having to clean the bead sheets