Dinner Time

So many articles directed towards parents emphasize the importance of sitting the family down around the dinner table. We, sadly, don’t do it enough, but we do make a big enough deal about it that our boys know it’s important. When the boys were very young, getting them around the dinner table was a chore.…

The right fit

We had a recent struggle with our youngest not doing so well on a spelling test. Came to pass that he’s finally bumped up against something in school in which he’s going to have to finally exert some effort. We knew this day would come, and hoped it would happen sooner, as it had with…

Proper Parenting

Is there really a proper way to parent your child: a perfect path on which, if you are able to maintain your course, your child or children will come out growing both physically, intellectually, and emotionally to the height of their potential?



No More Than Two Hours

A while ago I had done some writing and research on technology: specifically the new stuff that was coming onto the scene at the time like large Massive Muliplayer Online Games. My interest with technology, however, has always hinged on how all of this digital stuff was going to effect us is ways other than increasing our productivity.

I try to keep my eyes and ears open to new writings, studies and findings. One book I’ve been reading recently, Failure to Connect by Jane M. Healy, was actually written back in 1999, but the basics of it are as poignant today as they were twelve years ago. The author basically says that just because a digital technology is revolutionary doesn’t mean it is going to be any better at helping us teach children educationally. In many cases, actually, over use of digital tools and games leads to unintended consequences of uncoordinated children with limited attention spans.

June Haiku

Hallway swimming pool games echo upstairs. Marco Polo without water. Son coughing for ten straight days. This morning’s silence never so welcomed. Deep breath. Climb into the car. Thus begins our son’s competitive sports.   RJ Lavallee is the author of IMHO (In My Humble Opinion): a guide to the benefits and dangers of today’s…

Our time

My wife started a recent conversation with a phrase that I know far too well. It’s a phrase that I use very often in my own internal monologues, but something that