I am a chameleon

Of course, all of this was subconscious, and something I have only been able to understand as an adult. Children always help in moments of self-realization if you’re open to having your children teach you things about yourself. I’ve watched my children navigate moves – we have relocated them three times in the past 13…

Sexting Dangers

Sexting has become a more commonplace term in today’s media. A year ago, few people were aware of this term, and when it first came onto the scene most parents who had never heard of it, or who had never thought about the ramifications of providing cell phones to their children, found yet another reason to demonize technology and make irrational decisions about trying to protect their children.

The most recent study released about sexting equates the phenomenon to spin the bottle.

So what is a parent to think about this convergence of technology and typical teenage and pre-teen curiosity? How are parents supposed to manage the collision of immature minds and tools that give them opportunities to get into trouble in ways never before imagined? Are the fears overblown, or should we be worried that we are about to lose our children to the digital universe?