Well, the thing I always wanted for my son has happened. The boy who was the total chameleon has finally focused on one endeavor. Of course it’s not what I had hoped it would be, but he’s obsessed about something. For years, starting back when he was old enough to start socializing – pre-school age…

What About Learning Styles?

The National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado, provides great insights into the research currently going on in education reform. A recent release reviewing two reports from the Gates Foundation MET project raises an interesting question, “Can we quantify what effective teaching is?”

The review looks at this question from a strictly academic perspective, as good academic research should. The researchers ran into problems — real world problems — of not being able to have children remain with the teachers they were assigned to. The questions the research raised, however, immediately had me thinking about an important component well understood by current educators: learning styles.

In the discussions about education reform a crucial element seems often to be overlooked: the human element. We’re dealing with people. Kids. Teachers. Administrators.

Educational Reform? Really?

With all of the focus on education reform — no approaches of which seem to be pleasing anyone — what about this for a consideration: we don’t need reform. I’m not saying the current system is perfect, and I’m not saying to become complacent or apathetic, but in most school systems have we simply come…

Finding Company

Talking to my next door neighbor today brough about an unexpected moment of levity. He runs the after-school program at our elementary school and has observed for the past 15 years how kids operate. Maybe more telling is that he’s been able to observe how parents operate. After all, from where do children learn most of their behaviors? so he brings up an article he came across in a recent Time Magazine regarding the new Washington DC Superintendant of schools, and it sounds like she’s not making many friends.