What’s Best for Your Child?

The vast majority of parents want to do right by their children. One Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) educator I once met put it this way, “In the literally thousands of parents I’ve come to know in my career, I only know of one who truly did not care about her child.” Seeing that…

That’s Not My Mess

From CNBC.com: "Indeed, the housing recession is single-handedly responsible for sending the credit markets into crisis following an unprecedented run up in home prices between 2001 and 2005."

Really? What about the consumers, and the financial institutions, and the (lack of) regulators that lead to the conditions predicating the "housing recession."

Is the American Public Library an Anachronism…

…or is it being “Reinvented”?

The library of the new millennium seems schizophrenic – with an array of sounds, smells and scenarios bizarre and strange; in contrast, the grand old book repository of my youth was sedate and serene. Times change. Society changes. Cities change.

The Other

I play in a band. 41 years old, and still playing in a rock and roll band. I like that. There's something about playing music that makes me feel alive, that allows me to stay in touch with my emotions, those things deep down inside that are at the root of my motivations.

Is a meritocracy possible?

Many people equate a democratic and captalist society as the ulitimate meritocracy. The United States. The Horatio Alger Story. The rags to riches, anything is possible simply with hard work and gumption.

Afraid of anything that is not our own

The New York Times carried an interesting article about religion and difference in today's politics: Mormon Candidate Braces for Religion as Issue. The article deals with the "the argument that [Mitt Romney's] faith [ -- Mormonism -- ] would require him to be loyal to his church before his country. And this criticism of Mitt Romney's viability as a Republican Presidential candidate is coming from — of all camps –that of Christian conservatives!

I'm not here to support or defend Romney's candidacy, or Mormonism, but to speak to that most human of qualities, that we, as a species, love to segregate our selves.