Calm the F Down

We parents often make parenting much more difficult than it needs to be. The recent press on the easily articulated Calm the Fudge* Down (yes a different word other than Fudge is used), is a great reminder that we do need to calm the F down. Even when presented with more challenging situations that matter…


There’s a different fallout from the increasingly larger body of activities we impose upon our children. Did I say impose? Yes. And I meant it. How many children do you know who desperately crave to be in at least one team sport every season of the year, on top of music lessons, social organizations like Boy Scouts? And yet there we are, the attentive parents, constantly asking our children what activity they want us to sign them up for. But how often do we give them the option to sign up for nothing?

Atop of the over-committed child the fallout is frayed nerves of parents: both those who race to get their children to these activities, and the parents who volunteer and actually make these activities happen.