Wrong Side of the Bed

Perhaps I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Is this depression, anxiety, or just a shitty day? The constant sense of dread attached to me like a heavy shadow. When I feel this way the shadow is most often falling behind me, cast from the bright light of whatever is really bothering. Every so often I am able to get the light behind…


I am a chameleon

Of course, all of this was subconscious, and something I have only been able to understand as an adult. Children always help in moments of self-realization if you’re open to having your children teach you things about yourself. I’ve watched my children navigate moves – we have relocated them three times in the past 13…

Return Inspiration

I'm preparing to fly to Chicago to interview two subjects for my project "Virtually Real." The subjects are heavyweights in their fields, and the process of preparing has made me look across my virtual desk at the lonely Spoon and think, "how shitty was I to neglect her?"

I’m working on a project

I alluded to this in a few other postings. Not only did I work on editing Life at Five, I've started working on two other documentaries: Virtually Real, and Suburban Agricuture. My biggest hurdle in thes projects so far as been…myself.